Continuing Education

2017 ACP Annual Conference Continuing Education and Session Evaluations 

There is a new process for reporting your continuing education credits at this year's conference. Rather than worrying about completing and turning in a paper form onsite, you will complete an electronic CE Proof of Attendance Form. You will need to complete this form immediately following the conference and in one sitting, as you will not be able to return to it. Upon submission, you will receive an electronic version of your form. This new process will assist with efficiency and record-keeping.

There are also electronic session evaluations for you to complete, which are required for CPA's in order to receive CPE credit.

Instructions are on the electronic CE form, but please contact Liz Bruning if you have any questions.

Continuing education credits available for each session are listed on the CE form and the Presentations page, but below is a summary:

  • NAPFA CE - 26 hours
  • CFP Board CE - 13 hours
  • NASBA CPE - 26 hours
  • IRS CE - 1 hour

Continuing Education Proof of Attendance Form

All attendees must complete a Proof of Attendance Form, as credits are awarded based on attendance. Please be sure to complete the form immediately following the conference and in one sitting, as you will not be able to return to it.

Link to Continuing Education Proof of Attendance Form and Instructions


Session Evaluations

Below are links to all of the session evaluations at the 2017 ACP Annual Conference, listed in order by day. These are also available at the bottom of the session descriptions in the conference mobile app.

If you are a CPA, you must complete the session evaluations in order to receive CPE credit.


Wednesday, November 8

Breaking Growth Barriers: Capturing Overlooked Opportunities in Your Advisory Business (Workshop) by Angie Herbers


Grendel Boot Camp: CRM – Task & Project Management (Workshop) by George Guidotti (no CE credit)


Thursday, November 9

4+4 – The Formula for Transformational Growth by Angie Herbers

Reverse Mortgage Insights from Fellow Financial Planner by John Salter

Big Insurance Theories by Jerry Skapyak

Cutting Through the Static – How to Change Asset Allocation Dynamically by Brent Burns

Long Term Care: Recent Regulatory Changes & the Impact on Your Clients by Tom Breedlove

Elevating the Client Experience by Travis Brewer

Business Continuity Road Map – Panel by ACP System Committee/Fran Goldman

The Crazy World of Health Care Reform by Carolyn McClanahan

Regulatory Round-Up: With a Focus on the Retainer Fee Model by Lori Neidel

Succession Planning – Panel by Karen Folk


ACP Advanced Planner Retreat Takeaways – Panel by John Scherer


Friday, November 10

The Impact of Mindsets in Financial Planning by Robert Brooks

Solution Session - Can Your Clients Use $1 Million? by Tim Jackson (no CE credit)


Solution Session - Innovative Solutions Inspired by Fee-Only Financial Advisors by Jerry Skapyak (no CE credit)


Solution Session - Building Bond Proposals Online by Daniel Yeoman (no CE credit)


Solution Session - Household Employment: Tools & Resources to Make Tax & Labor Law Compliance Effortless for You and Your Clients by Tom Breedlove (no CE credit)

‘’Safety Trumps Yield’’ Revisited - Optimizing ACP Bond Ladders by William Cuthbertson


The ACP Ensemble Firm: Key Strategies and Challenges to Growing Your Practice – Panel by David Gardner


Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Rental Properties – The Rental Analysis Spreadsheet by Mary Alpers


Redefining Investment Advice by Weston Wellington

Saturday, November 11

My Worst Professional Mistakes; My Greatest Professional Wins – A Conversation with Bert Whitehead by Kenneth Robinson

Making the Most of Goal Setting with Your Clients – Panel by Linda Leitz

Student Loan Repayment Strategies by Kyle McCormick (no CE credit)


Show It, Ask for It, Earn It - Three Steps to the Clients You Love & Deserve by Arlene Moss (no CE credit)


Money to Thrive: How to Create a Secure and Meaningful Life for a Relative with a Disability by Christopher Currin (no CE credit)

How Do Successful ACP Firms Use Technology? An ACP Technology Committee Report by William Cuthbertson


Creating Tax Alpha – Panel by Wendy Marsden


The Different Methods ACP Firms are Using to On-Board New Clients – Panel by Frankie Corrado


Growing Your Practice Through Effective Messaging – Panel by Judy McNary

The Secret Sauce to Success the ACP Way by ACP Compensation Committee/Troy Von Haefen (no CE credit)


If you have any questions regarding continuing education credits, please contact Liz Bruning at